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Share Descriptions & Pricing

By being a part of any CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm not only do you commit yourself to eating locally and seasonally but you also become a partner of that farm. Thus, you are along for the ride through the peaks and valleys of an unpredictable growing season.  As the saying goes; You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather. However, no matter what,  you can trust that  we will do our best to overwhelm you with beauty and abundance. Won’t you join us?

A Deposit of $100 is due by February 15th and share price to be paid in full by May 1st. 

  • Vegetable Share: May through October.  Expect an abundance of greens, roots, peas, beans, cukes, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, peppers, herbs & more. Pick up is bi-weekly ( twice a month) on Sundays at the farm.  Veggies will be set up market-style with your suggested amount listed and you pack it up, pack it in. We can accommodate a few folks that would prefer to pick up weekly. $400
  • Food Preservation Share: This is for folks serious about preparing their pantry for the winter with crops to “put-up” and other crops to store. This share includes pickling cukes & green beans (~10# each), dill, sauce tomatoes, potatoes, winter squash & pumpkins (~75# each), onions, garlic, corn, basil for pesto making, some dried beans, apples (#-TBD) and likely more. Expect cukes in July, green beans in August and the bulk of the items in late summer/ early fall. A great way to eat local for the better part of the whole year. $400
  • Flower Share: June-October. Fresh cut bouquet every other week. You can choose to have them arranged, or not, should you want to get creative yourself. For pick up or possible delivery to limited area.  $200
  • Market Bucks: Not sure you can commit to a whole year with a CSA? Grow some of your own, but not all? Then, this concept is for you! Pay now, whatever amount, and spend your market bucks as you wish throughout the entire season.  This is a low-commitment, free-form way for you to dedicate some of your food dollars to local food and invest in Rockwood Urban Farm.
  • Trades: We’d love to exchange farm goods with a few committed folks for your time in the form of labor primarily and other skills, like marketing.  Let’s chat.

Combining Shares:

Subtract $100 each time you pair a share.

For example: Vegetable Share + Food Preservation Share (-$100 for pairing)= $700

Vegetable Share + Flower Share (-$100 for paring)= $500

…And so on