Paying for CSA with SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks

Thanks to PACSAC, (Portland Area CSA Coalition), our farm is able to take SNAP food benefits as a form of payment for our CSA shares.  This allows you to pay for your share over the course of the season instead of in one lump sum. Once you sign up with us, we ask PACSAC to send you the necessary paperwork. You then fill out a simple form and mail it back to PACSAC within 7 days. This paperwork authorizes PACSAC to take your deposit now and then your monthly payments from June through October.  Please note, if you only receive cash benefits (allowing you to buy non-food items), then PACSAC cannot process your payment.

Double Up Food Bucks

For eligible households using SNAP benefits, the Portland Area CSA Coalition will match up to $200 toward the cost of your share through the Double Up Food Bucks program.

This is done by applying a match of up to $200 for the SNAP benefits that you use. This money goes directly to your CSA farmer, making CSA more affordable while helping farmers earn a living. For example, a CSA share normally priced at $650 will only cost you $450 with Double Up Food Bucks.

All members who are accepted into the Double Up Food Bucks program make an initial payment of $50, then pay the remainder of the cost over the course of  five months using automatically withdrawn monthly SNAP payments beginning in June. For example, if the full cost of the share is $650, your cost will be $450. After your initial $50 payment, each of your five monthly SNAP payments will be $80 each.


  • Double Up Food Bucks are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis only.
  • Only active SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) users may participate.
  • Only SNAP users who are new CSA members can use this program (this means that you or anyone in your household must not have been a member of any CSA in 2016).

How to use Double Up Food Bucks:

  1. Sign-up for the CSA.
  2. PACSAC will send you an email (with our farm cc’d) with paperwork that you will need to complete and mail back to the CSA Coalition within 1 week of signing up.
  3. That’s it! Once the season begins, the CSA Coalition will process your SNAP payments and provide the Double Up Food Bucks directly to your farm.


Double Up Food Bucks for CSA is part of a statewide program that provides SNAP match at around 50 farmers markets and through the Portland Area CSA Coalition. The goal is to double the purchasing power of SNAP participants to buy healthy, local fruit and vegetables. In 2017, the Coalition has $50,000 and will help at least 250 families participating in SNAP to purchase a CSA by providing up to $200 each in Double Up Food Bucks. The Coalition believes that farmers thrive and communities are healthy when everyone has access to fresh, local food. Double Up Food Bucks makes being a member of a CSA affordable for everyone while still providing a sustainable income for family farms.

Double Up Food Bucks is funded by Farmers Market Fund, a Portland-based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing under-served populations greater access to fresh, locally grown food. The $1.6 million 2-year program has a broad base of support and funding from private and community foundations and USDA’s Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grant.


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