CSA Share Descriptions and Pricing

You’re paying for more than just vegetables! By being a part of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, you:

  • Support local economy and small farmers
  • Gain intimate knowledge of seasonal eating and how your food was grown
  • Invest in your health by eating a wide variety of super fresh vegetables at their peak
  • Become a part of a community and spend quality time with your family at the farm and around the dinner table
  • Allow us to earn a living doing what we love and believe to be one of the most crucial professions for our times

You are our partner.  As such, you are along for the ride through the peaks and valleys of an unpredictable growing season. Our crop diversity and practical knowledge ensures that we’ll have the most successful season possible, despite our inability to control the weather.


Vegetable Shares

Our vegetable shares are comprised of regular staples like salad mix, carrots and kale and include seasonal stars like sugar snap peas, arugula, beets, mustard greens, heirloom tomatoes, basil, summer squash, beans, giant sweet onions, tomatillos, cauliflower, cabbage, winter squash and more!  We also include fruit from our home garden when the picking is abundant. Bulk quantities of crops for food preservation and storage are also available for purchase.

Our shares are generous in size. Your family will be supplied with enough ingredients for veggie heavy meals all week. The shares will vary weekly and change according to the season. We have two on farm pick up days and one newly added delivery site in NE Portland.

Pick up Options at the Farm

Members come to the farm located at 13949 SE Stark Street (Map) to pick up shares. Your produce will be clean, bunched or bagged up (depending on the crop) and set up market style for you to gather into your own grocery sack, box, basket, etc. We do not offer half shares for on farm pick up. Instead we encourage you to find a buddy to split it with!

  • Every other Sunday, 3-5 pm.  $500 
    • You’ll receive 12 very large harvests consisting of 10-20 items each time.  There are two rotating Sunday groups. Group 1: June 4th- November 5th. Group 2: June 11th- November 12th. We assign you to your group.
  • Every Thursday 4:30-7:00 pm.  $650
    • 22 abundant weeks of 8-15 farm fresh items. June 8th- November 2nd.

NE Delivery Drop Site

Scoop up a prepackaged share near NE 14th & Prescott.  Drop time is between 7-8 am.  Shares held until 9 pm. Your produce will be clean, bunched and loaded into a paper sack with your name on it. Starts June 9th and runs until November 3rd.

Full Share $675

  • 22 abundant weeks of 8-15 farm fresh items just like our on farm pick up but with the convenience of packaging and delivery.

Half Share $375

  • 22 weeks 5-10 items. This is great for a smaller household
Get $50 off your full share and $25 off a half share for each a new member you refer who signs up for our vegetable CSA! 


Payment Info

In order to reserve your spot, we ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit due by March 31st. Full payment is due by May 15th, unless you’ve arrange for an installment plan.  We accept cash, check, credit card/PayPal and SNAP. Checks can be mailed to Rockwood Urban Farm, 133 NE 143rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97230. For Paypal users, go to www.paypal.com, and use our email ([email protected]) to send payment. If you’d like to use a credit card we can do that over the phone or in person. Just give Leah a call 503-421-1435.

Please use this link to learn more about paying for your CSA share with SNAP and to learn about the Double Up Food Bucks Program. Eligible folks paying with SNAP can get up to $200 in matching funds to use towards the price of the share. It’s a real win-win for both member and farmer.

Flower Shares:  June-October

Treat yourself or someone special to fresh cut, bee friendly bouquets all season long. Brighten up your kitchen table or the office. Pick up at the farm or delivery within a 10 mile radius from the farm. Invest in beauty, you won’t be sorry.

On Farm Pick Up
  • $300 (20) weeks
  • $150 (10) weeks
  • $175 Add on Thursday Share (22 bouquets)
  • $100 Add on Sunday Share (12 bouquets)

Offered within 10 miles of the farm. I’ll bring your seasonal flowers in a vase and pick up your vase from the previous week. Delivery day TBD.

  • $400 (20 weeks)
  • $200 (10 weeks)
  • $100 (4 weeks)